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Where do I add the link?
Where do I add the link?

how to attribute correctly

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To use our graphic assets for free, we require that you add a link to our page. The link should be visible and clickable, it can point:

  • to our main page;

  • to the specific asset you’ve used — please use the automatically generated link the website provides to you when you download an icon (illustration, photo):

The link can be in any format you prefer. Just make sure it is clickable and visible to users.

  • Websites — please put the link in the footer or in imprint if the graphic assets are used on each page. A nice example:

  • Desktop software — please put the link in the About dialog.

  • Mobile apps — please put the link in the About section and acknowledgment/app description on the App Store/Google Play page. If the application doesn’t have an About section, please reference Icons8 on the app page.

  • Chrome Extension — please add the link to the description in the Chrome Web Store and (if it doesn't break your layout) somewhere in your Settings.

  • WordPress plugin — please link on the Settings page of the plugin and the plugin page.

  • PDF, Excel, Word, Powerpoint presentations, eBooks, and printed editions — you can put the link anywhere in the document.

  • PC game — please put the link in the Credits section. And we would love to have a copy of the game!

  • YouTube — please put the link in the description or in video credits.

  • eBay page/Amazon — you can put the link in the footer.

  • Physical goods (books, boxes, brochures, T-shirts, etc.) — either on your website if you have one, description of the item, or on the physical product itself, if possible. The reference must be legible.

  • Scientific articles and academic work (research paper, thesis, dissertation, manuscript, etc.) — please mention us in the references.

  • GitHub projects — add a link to Icons8 in the description of your project or Readme file.

  • Social networks — please place the link in some of your posts. You can tag us on:

    Twitter @icons_8

    Facebook @icons8

    Instagram offers various ways of attribution:

    Mention us in the picture or right in the post caption @icons8 #icons8

    Add a mention or link sticker to your Story post, or save the post to highlights.

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