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The app doesn't display any icons; what should I do?
The app doesn't display any icons; what should I do?

Pichon doesn't work

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Here's what to do if you see the following message when you open the app:

This can happen because an antivirus program is blocking app elements. Please delete the app, turn your antivirus off, and then download and install the app from the Microsoft Store. If that doesn't work, please set the app as an exception for your antivirus or uninstall it.

If you are using Microsoft Security, you can find more info on adding the app to exceptions here.

To add an exception to Windows Defender in Windows 10, please do the following:

  • Open Windows Defender Security Center;

  • Click the "Virus & threat protection" icon;

  • Click "Virus & threat protection settings";

  • Scroll down to "Exclusions" and click "Add or remove exclusions."

If the instructions above don’t help, try to run the app as Administrator, which should do the trick!

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