How to use Pichon for Windows
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Here is a short tutorial on how to use our Pichon desktop app.

Once the app is installed, click this icon 👤 to log in to your Icons8 account or sign up.

When you're in, your subscription properties and collections will be synced with Pichon. You’ll see your Favorites folder and will be able to access all the paid features available under your subscription plan.

Just like the web version, Pichon has all our graphic assets: icons, photos, and illustrations.

🔎 To find an icon, type in some definitive word in the search bar. You can choose specific styles or check out icons in all styles and then select the right format and size for the download.

To download an icon, choose its size and format and either save it with a right-click or drag and drop it wherever you want (to any folder/desktop/document or Figma/Lunacy/Photoshop/etc).

If you right-click an icon, you’ll be able to save it, add it to a collection, take a quick look at it, and see other icons of the same style.

You can recolor any monochrome icon and see how it looks on any background by clicking on the color palette in the upper right corner:

You can add a new collection and do the following with it 👇

If you want to export the collection in a different format, do as follows:

If you’re on a free plan, you’ll see that some options are locked. Check out this FAQ article to learn what sizes and formats are available for free with a backlink to Icons8.

There are no limitations for paid account holders.

The next section of the app is devoted to the Icons8 photo library. To find a suitable photo, type in some definitive word in the search bar. Scroll through the search results to choose the image. Right-click any photo to take a quick look at it.

Select the right size and click download to save it (or use the drag-and-drop option). You may observe the Models, Objects, Collages, and Backgrounds sections as well.

The Illustrations tab lets you search images from our library right within your desktop app.

We have various styles in different formats, so you can switch between them to find the suitable one or search through all styles to select one that fits your needs.

Same as with other assets, right-click an illustration to take a closer look or save it. You can also use the drag-and-drop option.

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