How to use Pichon for macOS
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Here is a short tutorial on how to use our desktop app with icons on macOS.

Once the app is installed, click the profile button and log in to your Icons8 account. It will sync your subscription properties and Collections with Pichon. You’ll see your Favorites and will be able to access all the paid features available under your subscription plan.

If you can’t see the profile or settings button, stretch the window or enter full screen. You can also click on the double arrow to access the dropdown menu:

You can make the icons appear smaller or larger using the Zoom feature there or the slider if the window is minimized:

Pichon has Collections, Categories, and Styles. To find an icon, type in some definitive word into the search bar. You can choose specific styles or check out icons in all styles and then select the right format and size for the download.

Right-click on the icon to save it to your hard drive or collections and find icons in the same style:

You can recolour monochrome icons by clicking on the colour wheel at the right upper corner:

You can also add new collections, export and share them – press the 'Create collection' button or right-click a particular collection:

Right-click or click an icon to save it, search for icons in the same style or add to a collection. You can also drag-drop it wherever you want, for example, Lunacy:

'Preferences' menu allows you to switch between themes to make it easy on your eyes, set the start options and choose between simplified or non-simplified SVGs:

Pichon also has photos and illustrations from our library – you can switch between types of assets in this tab:

Photos can be sorted by categories and tags. Click on a photo to see its details, export its demo version or unlock high quality. You can also eliminate all photos with background from your search with the 'No background' toggle:

And while searching for illustrations you can sort them by categories and style. Same as with other assets, click on an illustration to see its details, export its demo version or get SVG quality:

Work with images from My Images tab. First upload or drag&drop images from your device:

You can share the uploaded image, find similar images in Pichon's photo gallery, remove the image's background, upscale it and export the edited version.

Each image is automatically tagged by our AI detectors, but you can also add your own tags.

Organize your images by adding them to different folders. Folders can be exported or shared with your Icons8 friends, same as Collections:

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