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How to get a free Face Swapper trial period
How to get a free Face Swapper trial period

How can I test Face Swapper?

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You can get a free 3-day trial period to test the tool if you sign up for the yearly plan on the Face Swapper landing page.

The trial period lasts for 3 days and includes an unlimited number of face swaps. Feel free to test how the tool works to estimate if it suits your needs.

Just upload an image to trigger the Start Trial window:

Monthly plans do not include any trial period; only yearly ones do. Select the yearly plan and press Start free 3-day trial.

You will then be redirected to the checkout page to attach a card and agree with the terms of our service by pressing the Start trial button. The sum to be paid for the trial period is $0.

🎈 If you're not planning to use the tool further on, make sure to cancel your trial in advance. You can do this at the Billing tab of your Icons8 account within 72 hours from the trial start.

❗️❗️❗️ If you're late with cancelation, your subscription will begin automatically once the trial period ends. We do not process refunds if the trial period wasn't timely canceled.

✨ Please keep in mind that the Face Swapper AI merges two faces into one, with the features of the first face being more dominant, so the final result is a blend of the two photos. For better results, use quality photos of people directly facing the camera. However, it will also work with slightly rotated faces too.

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