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What is RTC?
What is RTC?
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What is an RTC?

RTC stands for Regional Training Center.

The Regional Training Centers program is available for all competitive players born in 2012 – 2015 interested in building their skills and improving their game. This serves as an introduction for pre-ODP ages (2012-2015) and an opportunity to train more often for our youngest ODP age group (2012).

RTC sessions are typically held in Coeur d'Alene, Pocatello/Idaho Falls, and Boise, Idaho.

RTC is part of the Olympic Development Program (ODP) but is distinct in operation. The program is staffed with ODP coaches, as well as top club coaches from across Idaho.

Training will be focused on developing each player’s ability through an age and level-appropriate player curriculum aimed at enhancing the skills of each participant, whether you are the best player in your area, or an average player looking to become a better one. RTC Training is structured to be functional, focusing on areas of improvement rather than team concept training. Additionally, players will get to play with others from various clubs and age groups, learning from and being challenged by older and younger players.

Each training center will have limited spots available to maintain a low staff-to-player ratio and quality control over the overall experience

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