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ODP Rooming on events
ODP Rooming on events

ODP expectations on rooms and lodging at events

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In light of the concerns raised regarding the rooming situations for our Olympic Development Program (ODP) in Idaho, we wish to provide clarity on our stance. Our policies are deeply rooted in the ODP Code of Conduct, emphasizing the maturity, responsibility, and privilege associated with representing the Idaho Youth Soccer Association (IYSA) and the State of Idaho.

Event Check-In:

Upon our arrival at any event, all participants will undergo a formal check-in process. Following this, players are expected to remain within the designated team block for the majority of the event duration.

Temporary Check-Outs:

Parents wishing to check out their child during non-activity periods may do so, provided it doesn't interfere with scheduled team activities, including meals. Such check-outs are subject to the discretion of the Team Administrator (TA). To maintain transparency and safety

Team Rooming is an Expectation: It remains an expectation of the ODP that players stay in team rooms and remain in the team block for the entire duration of the event. This is non-negotiable and is a fundamental part of our program's structure.

Why Team Rooming? Team rooming is not just a logistical decision; it's a crucial part of our player development strategy:

  • Risk Management: Ensuring the safety and well-being of our players is our top priority. Having them stay together under the supervision of our trained staff minimizes risks. All TA’s/Coaches and staff have gone through Safe Sport training.

  • Skill Development: One of the unique benefits of ODP is allowing players to develop skills to operate in team settings without direct parental oversight. Like any other skill, this requires practice.

  • Team Bonding: Rooming as a team provides a crucial opportunity to bond faster and stay connected during the event. This bonding positively impacts the on-field dynamics, fostering a stronger sense of team unity.

  • Consistency and Coordination: Having players room together facilitates easy coordination for team meals, meetings, and bonding events. It ensures that all players are under consistent itineraries, rules, and expectations.

We understand that this might be a new experience for many young players and their parents. However, we believe that this approach is in the best interest of both the players' development and the overall success of the program. And has been a consistent part of our ODP format for the past 20 years.

We appreciate your trust in us and your commitment to the ODP. Together, we can provide an enriching and growth-oriented experience for our young athletes.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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