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Standing in front of a crowd, either at work or perhaps at an event, is for many something challenging. To do this, and use an unfamiliar digital tool, is even more challenging. Therefore we always recommend rehearsing beforehand. I have collected some tips on how you can rehearse on your own, and still experience what it is like both as a facilitator and a participant using Idea Hunt.

  1. First things first, set up a meeting. I recommend you use a template like Brainstorming Pro or Retrospect, as they have a lot of the different elements your participants will be involved in. But of course, if there is a template you know your will use in an upcoming meeting, use that. 
  2. Launch the meeting on your desktop, starting the shared screen.
  3. Now it is time to act as a participant. Do this by either picking up a second device, like your smartphone or tablet, or you can open a second browser window on your desktop. Go to and enter the code as a participant would. The code is found on your shared screen (for example ABCD). Click Join.
  4. Go through the meeting, one step at a time and act as both facilitator and participant. As participant you should rehearse what it is like to add contributions, vote and view results. As the facilitator you should rehearse how to control the shared screen, cluster contributions and what verbal instructions you want to add at each step.

You can relaunch a meeting several times, rehearsing different scenarios.
If you want to, you are welcome to reach out and book a quick demo of a template of your choice here:
I have also made some recordings of template walkthroughs that you are more than welcome to watch.

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