Messages are the fundamental unit by which we measure your usage of IEX Cloud data (and calculate any associated costs for consuming messages over your subscription tier’s monthly message quota). Every endpoint has an associated message weight which can be found in our docs under the “Data Weighting” header.  

Our users frequently ask how we assign message weights to different data endpoints. We want to provide more context and transparency around how we do this. 

On the lighter side of the message weight spectrum, you have something like the most recent price quote for a security – this frequently changes, is relevant for only a very short window in time and is something a developer would need to continuously update to stay up-to-date. That is why retrieving the current quote for a symbol costs 1 message.

On the other end of the spectrum is something like a company’s financials – the full earnings of a company for a quarter covers an entire three months, is the synthesis of a complicated business, and you don’t need to frequently update to stay up to date. That is why the retrieving the quarterly earnings for a company costs 500 messages. 

 To be fully transparent, some message weights are partly determined based on agreements between IEX Cloud and some of our 3rd party data providers.  

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