Welcome to IEX Cloud! Use this introduction to the platform to get started. 

This article will cover:  

  • An IEX Cloud Overview: A high-level explanation of the platform and the data available to you.

  • Credits: The fundamental units on IEX Cloud used to access data. 

  • The IEX Cloud API: How to use it and where to begin. 

  • Excel, Widgets and Rules Engine: Get data codelessly through other easy-to-use methods beyond API calls.

  • Next Steps: Additional best practices to help you get started quickly. 

What is IEX Cloud? 

IEX Cloud is an easy-to-use financial data platform that makes a wide range of data accessible in one place. We built IEX Cloud to make financial data accessible to everyone, from individual developers to large businesses.  

Get stock prices, fundamentals, forex data, crypto data, and over 150 other datasets all through a single API and a single IEX Cloud subscription, with flexible plans designed to fit your use case. 

What can you build with IEX Cloud? The possibilities are truly limitless. We see our community do everything from building customized trading algorithms, to automating Excel spreadsheets, to using data science to calculate ideal portfolio allocations. Check out our blog for inspiration.

Data on IEX Cloud 

A complete list of the datasets available through IEX Cloud can be found in our API documentation. For equities, IEX Cloud supports data for U.S. stocks, non-U.S. stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and more. IEX Cloud also supports data for additional asset classes, including forex, cryptocurrency, alternative datasets, and others. Note that for non-U.S. stocks, IEX Cloud provides end-of-day historical prices only. 

The IEX Cloud API offers two types of datasets: Core Data and Premium Data. Core Data refers to datasets made available with IEX Cloud subscriptions. This includes frequently used data like stock prices, fundamentals, and others. Premium Data is specialized data sourced directly from third-party data partners, and can be requested as an addition to your subscription. To learn more about Premium Data and how to access it, check out our documentation here.

  • Use this guide here to learn more about what symbols are supported on IEX Cloud. 

  • See how to access real-time and 15-minute delayed stock prices here.

  • Learn how to access historical stock prices here.



IEX Cloud tracks your platform usage and charges on the basis of credits. Every API endpoint has a “data weight,” or a certain number of credits that are used every time you make that API call. 

Credits make your subscription with IEX Cloud flexible and adjustable to your use case. For instance, you can use a higher volume of lower-weighted endpoints, fewer higher-weighted endpoints, or a combination. Note that certain endpoints are only available with paid plans on IEX Cloud. 

The IEX Cloud Console “Credit Use” tab automatically keeps track of how many credits you have used so far in the month. You can see how many credits are needed for each individual endpoint and datasets in our API documentation under "Data Weight."  


A note on choosing your IEX Cloud plan 

IEX Cloud’s mission is to make quality financial data accessible to everyone. Our simplified API and flexible pricing are designed to provide a platform that’s easy to use for a range of use cases, whether you are a global institution or an individual developer.  

While use of a number of endpoints does require a paid subscription, free accounts have the ability to access several useful datasets with the IEX Cloud API, with up to 50,000 API calls per month.

Check out our Pricing Page to learn more about which plan is right for you.  


The IEX Cloud API  

All data on IEX Cloud is accessible through a single API, with a variety of endpoints for each dataset. Use our documentation here to learn more about its syntax and see additional examples. 

Before using production data, it's best practice to begin with the IEX Cloud sandbox environment to test the API for free. The IEX Cloud sandbox does not use any messages and allows unlimited calls. Learn more about how to use the IEX Cloud sandbox here

Excel, Widgets and Rules Engine

In addition to accessing the IEX Cloud API directly, you can also access data through our Excel plug-in, customizable stock price widgets and Rules Engine.

  • IEX Cloud for Excel: Easily connect financial data for U.S. stocks into Excel using the IEX Cloud Stock Data application.

  • Stock Price Widgets: Display current, updated stock prices in your application by copy-pasting a few lines of code.

  • Rules Engine: Get event-driven alerts and data delivered when and where you need it, all in the IEX Cloud Console.

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