Setting up your own caching

Individual and Business users, as well as legacy Launch, Grow, and Scale subscribers are permitted to cache data on their own servers and can then display data from the cache to their users for commercial use.

Please note that you cannot provide IEX Cloud data via your own API to users or provide a mechanism for mass downloads, including a CSV download. Read more about acceptable usage of the platform in our Terms of Service.

Cloud Cache

Cloud Cache is IEX Cloud's fully managed data storage infrastructure. It saves you credits by automatically storing the data that you've already queried from IEX Cloud. When you request that data again, you'll only use one credit rather than the full data weight, so that you don't pay for the same data twice.

Note that any data stored by Cloud Cache is "reset" at the start of each calendar month. This is so we can keep our data storage as high-performant as possible.

Cloud Cache is automatically enabled for all Individual and Business plan users – no setup or additional costs required.

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