IEX Cloud includes real-time data for over 500 cryptocurrencies through our cryptocurrency API endpoints. These endpoints are currently in beta.  

Supported cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. A full list is available via our /ref-data/crypto/symbols endpoint.   

Cryptocurrency Endpoints

Cryptocurrency data is available through the following beta endpoints: 

/book: Returns a current snapshot for a given cryptocurrency, including price and size on asks and bids.  

/events: Streams recent updates for a given cryptocurrency such as new and canceled orders.  

/price: Returns the latest price for a specified cryptocurrency.  

/quote: Returns the quote for a given cryptocurrency. This includes latest price, bid price and size, ask price and size, and volume. 

/symbols: Returns which cryptocurrencies are available on IEX Cloud. 

Data Weighting

Cryptocurrency data ranges from 1 credit (previously called "message") to 10 credits per API call. You can find the specific data weights for each endpoint in the API documentation above.  


IEX Cloud does not currently support batching for cryptocurrency endpoints. 

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