IEX Cloud includes a breadth of data through a single easy-to-use API - ranging from simple stock prices for everyday investing, to Premium Data for more specialized use. 

This guide provides more detail on how Premium Data differs from Core Data and how to get started. 

Core Data vs. Premium Data

Core Data is the data included with IEX Cloud subscriptions. This includes any endpoints listed outside of the Premium Data section in our API documentation, such as stock data, cryptocurrency data, FX data, macroeconomic data and more. The core messages allocated with the IEX Cloud subscription can be used towards Core Data only. 

Premium Data is specialized data made available through the IEX Cloud API, sourced from various Data Partners directly. Premium Data consumption is on a pay-as-you-go basis, with different message weights for each specific dataset. Premium Data is not included in the base IEX Cloud subscription.  

Premium Data is available to all customers with a paid plan on IEX Cloud. 

How do I access Premium Data?

You can request access to specific datasets in the IEX Cloud Console under the Premium Data tab. Once the Data Partner that provides that dataset confirms your request, it will be marked as “Enabled."  

Your account will then be able to successfully make API requests to the dataset’s endpoints. You can start and stop using Premium Data at any time.  

Be sure to check Premium Dataset endpoints’ message weights before use. The endpoints for Premium Data and their weighting are documented here

Please note that each Data Partner has its own unique protocol for processing data access requests. You may be asked to complete a couple of extra steps or experience wait times when confirming access for different datasets.  

Pricing for Premium Data on IEX Cloud

Premium Data is available as an addition to the Core Data already accessible through the IEX Cloud subscriptions, and uses pay-as-you-go messages only. Core messages, or messages included automatically with the IEX Cloud subscriptions, are used for Core Data and cannot be used towards Premium Data. 

Premium Data makes it easy to access a wider range of financial data and alternative data all in one place. Premium Data may be priced higher than other endpoints used as a part of the IEX Cloud Core Data offering, as it provides curated, specialized data sourced directly from other data creators.   

What is the monthly message budget on Premium Data use? 

IEX Cloud allows you to set customizable limits for the number of messages used on Premium Data per month. Message budgets can be used to help maintain a cap on your message consumption for the month or prevent accidental runaway use of Premium Data. 

A default budget of 100,000,000 messages is set when you enable access to your first dataset. When this limit is reached, access to Premium Data will be paused until the end of the month or until the limit is modified. You can change this limit at any time in the IEX Cloud Console. 

Other FAQs  

How do I most efficiently use my pay-as-you-go messages for Premium Data?
IEX Cloud Cache helps you more efficiently use your messages by caching data you have already requested from IEX Cloud, and can be used for Premium Data. Learn more about how to use Cloud Cache here.

What Premium Data is currently available?
You can see a full list of available Premium Data in the IEX Cloud Console under the Premium Data tab.  

If there is certain data you would like to access that is not currently offered, please reach out to with your request. Your feedback is essential to our future product roadmap.  

Can I test Premium Data with IEX Cloud's sandbox?  

You can test Premium Data using IEX Cloud’s sandbox, regardless of whether you have enabled access to that dataset. IEX Cloud’s sandbox provides scrambled test data and does not charge for any messages. To learn more about testing with sandbox, check out our Help Documentation.

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