Rules Engine beta is available to all paid customers on IEX Cloud and charges based on credits. Each rule has a given “data weight,” or a certain number of credits used every time that rule is triggered. The data weight for each rule is dependent on the endpoints used to meet specific conditions. 

When building a rule, you can see its specific data weight in the lower right-hand corner. You can also see the data weight for an existing rule by clicking into the “edit” view. 

Rules Engine is an innovative way to more efficiently use your subscription. Let’s say you wanted to see when dividends were released for a given set of symbols. Continuously re-querying IEX Cloud manually to check for this information can be inefficient, both for credit usage and technical effort. Rules Engine enables IEX Cloud to proactively notify you and send you data when identified earnings are released, saving you both time and credits.

What is a credit? 

Credits are the fundamental units used to access data and make API calls on IEX Cloud. You can use credits for alerts on Rules Engine, to make API requests directly, to stream data, or to use a third-party library such as those here.   

If you are new to IEX Cloud, check out our Getting Started guide here to learn more about the platform, or our overview of credits here.  

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