Widgets are an easy way to display the current stock price for symbols of your choosing on your application or website.  

Available with all paid plans, widgets are pre-built, require minimal development, and can be integrated by simply copy-pasting the widget code into your source code.  

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How do I set up widgets?

Widgets can be integrated into the HTML of any website or application. Getting started is easy: 

  1. Ensure you’re logged into your paid account. 

  2. Turn on access to stock price widgets by going to the “Premium Data” tab in the IEX Cloud Console and enabling “Stock Price Widgets by Giant Machines.”

3. Head to the “Widgets” tab to customize your widget’s design. Start by choosing which API token you’d like to use for your widget. It’s recommended that you use a domain restricted API token.

4. Next, in the settings section, choose your widget’s theme, which stock symbol you’d like to display, and the widget size. 

5. Copy the code snippet from the Console into your application’s HTML source code.

6. Your widget is ready to go! 

Where can I install widgets?

IEX Cloud widgets can be integrated into applications or websites that support HTML.

Pricing for Widgets

Widgets are available with all paid plans. IEX Cloud Widgets use SSE streaming to automatically send any new price updates to available connections. Each price update that you stream has a data weight of five credits (previously called messages).

For our Individual and Business plans, they are paid for with Premium Data credits. For our legacy Launch, Grow, and Scale plans, widgets are paid for with pay-as-you-go credits rather than Premium Data credits.

The exact cost for using your widget depends upon your use case. The best way to determine the cost of your widget is to first test usage with your sandbox API token, which gives you a usage estimate but does not use any of your account’s credits. Learn more.

You can also estimate usage with the following formula:

(5 credits) x (Avg. # of updates for that given stock price per minute) x (Avg. # of active users viewing widget) x (Avg. # of minutes users are online per day)

= Credits Used Per Day for Widget

For instance, let’s say your widget displays the current price for a symbol that is updated on average once per second. Let’s also say that that you have 1,000 users that visit for an average of 10 minutes per day:

(5 pay-as-you-go credits) x (60 updates per minute) x (1,000 users) x (10 minutes) = 3,000,000 Credits

With a Launch plan, that would be $3 per day, at a rate of 1,000,000 credits for $1.

Learn more about credits, including pay-as-you-go credits for legacy plans, here.

All references to “real-time” data are to data provided via the IEX Cloud API on a best efforts basis, and are not intended to be a guarantee as to the precise speed or timing of any data.

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