This guide shows you how to access historical stock prices on IEX Cloud. To access real-time and 15-minute delayed stock prices, check out this article here.

This article will cover:

  • An overview of historical end-of-day and minute-by-minute stock prices on IEX Cloud

  • Getting stock prices with Historical Prices endpoint

  • Pricing for IEX Cloud stock prices

  • Details on which exchanges are supported internationally

To see specific examples for using the API, head to our “API Usage Examples” article here.

Historical end-of-day and minute-by-minute stock prices

IEX Cloud provides historical end-of-day for both U.S. and non-U.S. stocks and ETFs, and minute-by-minute historical stock prices for U.S. stocks and ETFs. You can access this data via the Historical Prices (Chart) endpoint.

IEX Cloud includes up to 15 years of historical end-of-day price, and minute-by-minute price data for the last 30 days.

For U.S. stocks, prices are based off split-adjusted market-wide SIP data. (You can also access certain unadjusted data.) For non-U.S. stocks, prices are based off exchanges listed in our Core Data catalog listed under “International Symbols.”

Using the Historical Prices endpoint

Also known as the Chart endpoint, the Historical Prices endpoint can be used to query for historical prices on a specific date, or a trailing date range – such as the last 30 days, the last six months, and so on.

The endpoint returns split-adjusted and unadjusted open, close, high, and low for the specific time range queried. For instance, if you query on the last six months, the endpoint will return each individual day’s historical adjusted and unadjusted open, close, high, and low, along with other information.

To see minute-by-minute historical data for a full day in the last trailing 30 days, query on a specific date using the following API call:


Note that in addition to minute-by-minute intervals, the Historical Prices endpoint can also return data in other intervals, such as open, close, high, and low for 10-minute intervals, or 30-minute intervals. Refer to the API documentation under Path Parameters to see a full list.

How do I see minute-by-minute prices for the current day?

The Historical Prices endpoint only includes data for previous trading days. To see the current day’s minute-by-minute data, you can use our Intraday Prices endpoint. Check out our documentation on real-time and 15-minute delayed stock prices here to learn more.

Pricing for historical stock price data

The Historical Prices endpoint is available with all IEX Cloud plans. Free plans can access up to five years of historical data, while access to the full 15 years is included with paid plans.

The number of credits (previously called messages) used depends on whether you are querying for split-adjusted versus unadjusted data, and end-of-day data versus minute-by-minute data.

Returning adjusted close only: 2 credits per symbol per time interval

Returning both adjusted and unadjusted: 10 credits per symbol per time interval

Exception: Minute-by-minute data for a full day, which is 50 credits per day.

For example, if you were to query for a symbol’s minute-by-minute data for a specific day, this would return 390 minutes of data at a cost of 50 credits. If you were to query for 30 days of end-of-day adjusted and unadjusted historical prices, however, this would be 30 days x 10 credits = 300 credits.

Non-U.S. exchanges and symbols

You can see which international exchanges IEX Cloud provides price data from below and in our Core Data catalog under “International Symbols.”

To see the most up to date list of which international symbols are supported, you can use our reference data endpoints here to pull an array of symbols by region or exchange.

To use non-U.S. symbols in an API call, add the corresponding exchange suffix to the symbol when making the API call. For example, the exchange suffix for TSX is '-CV', so the symbol for Armor Minerals (TSX: A) is 'A-CV'. See a full list of each exchange’s suffixes below.

Here is the quote call for A-CV:

Suffixes for non-U.S. exchanges

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADS): -DH

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TAE): -IT

BSE Ltd. (BOM): -IB

Korea Exchange (KRX): -KP

Euronext Brussels (BRU): -BB


Euronext Paris (PAR): -FP

London Stock Exchange (LON): -LN

Euronext Dublin (DUB): -ID

Euronext Amsterdam (AMS): -NA

Euronext Lisbon (LIS): -PL

Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE): -CT

TSX Venture Exchange (TSX): -CV

Mexican Stock Exchange (MEX): -MM

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