For non-U.S. equities, IEX Cloud offers historical end-of-day stock prices, available with both paid and unpaid plans. Learn more about how to get started with historical end-of-day stock prices here. At the moment, real-time and intraday stock prices are available for U.S. stocks only.

Non-U.S. exchanges and symbols

You can see which international exchanges IEX Cloud provides price data from in our Help Article here: "Supported Stock Exchanges on IEX Cloud."

To see the most up to date list of which international symbols are supported, you can use our reference data endpoints here to pull an array of symbols by region or exchange.

To use non-U.S. symbols, add the corresponding exchange suffix to the symbol when making the API call. For example, the exchange suffix for TSX is '-CV', so the symbol for Armor Minerals (TSX: A) is 'A-CV'.

Here is the quote call for A-CV:

You can find the suffixes for international exchanges by querying our International Exchanges endpoint.

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