Packages make it easier to customize your IEX Cloud plan according to your use case so that your plan scales with you as you grow.

When signing up for a paid subscription, you’ll begin by selecting a plan: Individual or Business. Next, you can add packages. You can also add packages as you need them throughout your plan’s term.

Add packages to your plan to receive more of the following:

  • Credits (previously called messages) – Included in packages for both Individual and Business plans: Use credits to make more API calls and request more data from IEX Cloud. Learn more about credits.

  • Tokens – Included in packages for Business plans: Tokens connect your project or application to your account. You can track, control, and throttle data usage by token. Examples of when you’ll use multiple tokens include using IEX Cloud to support multiple applications, projects, teams, or user accounts. For instance, if you support three applications, you would likely use a different token for each app. Learn more about tokens.

  • User logins – Included in packages for Business plans: The number of user logins on your plan refers to the number of seats you have for teammates to log into your IEX Cloud account. Adding user logins to your plan adds room for more people to join your IEX Cloud account and use its data.

You can both add and remove packages from your plan as you need. Once you add a package, by default it will be added to your plan for each subsequent month. If you remove a package from your plan, it expires at the end of the current month. Packages can be removed or added month to month for both monthly and annual plans.

Packages cannot be added to free Start plans or to legacy Launch, Grow, and Scale plans. To use packages, you will need to upgrade or switch to the Individual or Business plan.

What is included with each package?

Packages are different depending on your paid plan, and can only be added to Individual or Business plans.

Individual plan ($10 per month per package - for both monthly and annual plans) – each package includes every package adds:

  • 10 million credits to your account.

Business plan ($30 per month per package - for both monthly and annual plans) every package adds:

  • 30 million credits.

  • One token.

  • One user login – or additional login for a teammate on your IEX Cloud account.

How do I add more packages to my plan, and when should I add them?

How many packages you need depends on how many credits, tokens, or seats for users you need. You can always add more packages to your plan as you go, or purchase multiple packages upfront.

To add packages, select “Manage Plan” in the lower-left corner of the Console. You might add more packages if:

  • You need additional credits. With the new pricing plans, we replaced pay-as-you-go overages with packages. If you approach your plan’s credit (or message) limits, you can either upgrade your plan or purchase additional packages. We will notify you via email when you reach your credit limits with instructions on how to add packages to your plan.

  • You need more tokens added to your account. Depending on your use case, you may need additional tokens for your account. For instance, if you have multiple teams or applications, you will likely need multiple tokens for each of those teams or apps. Learn more about when and how to use tokens here.

  • You need to add more user logins to your account. Maybe you’re expanding your team, or a new team at your business wants to join your IEX Cloud account to start a new project.

To see your current credit and plan usage, log into the IEX Cloud Console and select the “Credit Use” tab.

Packages are only available with the new Individual and Business plans, and cannot be added to legacy Launch, Grow, or Scale plans. If you already have a paid Launch, Grow, or Scale plan, you can switch to the Individual or Business plans if you’re interested in taking advantage of packages.

How do overages work with the new plans?

IEX Cloud users on legacy plans will be familiar with the concept of pay-as-you-go messages (now pay-as-you-go credits). Instead of paying overages this way at the end of each month using pay-as-you-go credits, to use additional credits with the updated pricing plans, you’ll either purchase packages or upgrade to expand your plan’s usage.

We replaced overages with packages based on user feedback, with the goal of providing a simpler, more transparent way of scaling your plan with your usage.

If you reach your plan’s monthly credit limits, we will notify you via email with instructions on how to add packages to your plan. To prevent disruption, we suggest periodically checking your credit usage in the Console as well as purchasing packages in advance if you anticipate needing to use additional credits. When you reach your monthly credit limit, access to data will be temporarily paused until more credits are added to your plan or the next month begins.

How are packages billed?

For both monthly and annual plans, packages are billed immediately upon purchase for the current month. They are then billed on the 1st of each subsequent month. For instance, let’s say you purchase a package with your annual Business plan on the 16th. You’ll pay $30 upon purchase, and then $30 on the 1st of each subsequent month.

If you remove your package in the middle of a month, you’ll have it for the remainder of the month, after which it expires and you’ll no longer be charged for that package.

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