You connect your application or project to your IEX Cloud account with API tokens (also referred to simply as tokens). You can track, control, and throttle platform usage by token.

To use the platform – for instance, to make API calls – you’ll need to have your token on hand. You can find your tokens by logging into the IEX Cloud Console and selecting the tab “API Tokens.”

How many tokens do I need?

Depending on your use case, you may want to use multiple tokens rather than just one. You’ll typically want to use multiple tokens when tracking, controlling, and throttling usage for different projects, apps, or end users separately.

Examples include:

  • If you have multiple applications or projects using IEX Cloud.

  • If multiple teams at your business are sharing your IEX Cloud account.

How to use your API token

To use data, you’ll need to provide your token. This includes inserting your API token in API calls as instructed in our API Documentation, using an API token when initializing third-party libraries or integrations, or providing an API token upon setting up the Excel plug-in.

In source code, we recommend using your public token (starting with pk) rather than your secret token (starting with sk). Read more about keeping your tokens safe here.

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