New: Total Utilization View!

We’ve added a new line chart to the Utilization page, making it easier to:

• See overall utilization for each day, week, or month,

• Segment by instructor or certain classes using the dropdown menus, and

• Spot day-to-day or week-to-week trends more quickly!

Read on for more information about the utilization page!”

  1. The Utilization - Class Utilization page helps you understand how your various instructors and classes are performing. The general logic for this page is to review, based by your set class capacities, how many of your customers sign into your various classes. 

  2. Category filter options: Utilization calculates total (signed -in) visits divided by total class capacity. Average Class Size calculates total number of class attendees divided by number of classes. Number of Clients combines total signed-in class attendees.

3. The Class dropdown reveals all of your class types. (available within dates selected)
4. The Staff dropdown reveals all instructors who taught a class. (available within dates selected)
5. Date Range offers preset date filter options.
6. The Date filter allows you to choose your specific start and end date for your analysis.
7. Total Utilization highlights overall utilization over the time period and filters selected with comparison to previous period.
8. Total Utilization Breakdown segments your utilization averages into daily, weekly, or monthly stats, so you can determine potential trends with your attendance.
9. View your data by daily, weekly, or monthly. 


  1. The Heatmap shows you the behavior of your class/staff performance. The deeper the color/the higher the percentage, the more engagement your studio is experiencing in that time block. In comparison, the more opaque the color/the lower the percentage, the less engagement. 

  2. Start times for your classes.

  3. Average performance (based by Category filter you selected) for class start time in conjunction with the day of the week.

4. Total Classes is the number of classes attended within the selected time and day of week you've selected.
5. Number (#) of Clients is the total of clients signed into the various classes within the selected time and day of week you've selected.
6. Utilization combines all class offered attendance based by class capacity divided by those who attended, and compared to the previous period.
7. Class Details breaks down all classes taught, the instructor assigned to said class, total instances the class was available, average attendance per each class, actual attended, and the utilization for each class. 

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