We are no longer hiding reports and pages under the dropdown menu! Move around your iKizmet dashboard with ease and transparency with the new horizontal menu. This update will happen over the weekend of August 6, 2022.
Please note: location selector still operates as before, the location you set will determine what data you see throughout the site.

Let’s explore the menu and take a look at what each section offers:

My Dashboard

Your landing page still has it's own page of dedication.


Click the star symbol to favor your go-to page and have them all live under one page. Almost like creating your own custom dashboard!


Covering all important data from membership status, client profiles, and user login reports.


Lead activity and goal tracking can be found under your Activity page.


All things class performance - from class utilization, instructor performance, and client engagement reporting.


Check on your membership, class card, and retail sales.


For the customers who have created customized reporting, we now have merged them all to reside under the Custom tab.


We created a special folder for all reports that self defined just on their own. Look for your multi location and marketing reporting under this tab.

Please note: your menu options vary based on user permission and tiered level of iKizmet reporting. If you have questions about your level of access please refer to the live chat section or email us support@ikizmet.com.

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