How can I get in touch with illume for support?

If you are a merchant who is approved to have your product on illume and you need support, please reach out to

If you'd like to apply to have your product featured on illume, you can apply here. We'll then get in touch if it is a fit.

How does commission work on illume?

Currently, illume takes a 15% take rate from each order—excluding gift cards—that happens on illume. For example, let's say a group pools $125 for a gift + $20 for shipping. illume takes 15% from the $125 - 2.9% credit card processing fee + 30 cents Stripe fee. The rest including shipping is sent to the merchant.

We use Stripe to process payments and send payments to merchants 7-14 business days. By uploading a product on illume, a merchant agrees to our privacy policy, terms of service, and pricing model as outlined in this article.

How can my product be featured on illume?

Joining illume as a merchant is currently invite-only; that said, merchants can apply here to be featured on illume. We will reach out if there's a fit. There are a number of factors we look into including, but not limited to, being able to handle demand, passion for customers, product type, and sustainability.

Each merchant on illume is joining our vision to create a world where everyone is celebrated for who they are. We are humbled to partner with merchants who join us in making this vision a reality.

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