Is there a limit to the number of contributors per card?

There's no limit to the number of contributors on a card. Invite as many individuals as you'd like for free!

Is illume free to use?

We want to democratize the sharing of positive sentiments. Thus, creating and sending cards on illume is free.

Does illume sell my data to anybody?

Yuck, absolutely not.

Can the recipient always access the card they receive?

Yep, the recipient will always have access to the card that they receive.

Do contributors need to create an account to add a note?

No, contributors do not need to create an account on illume to add to a card.

Do recipients need to create an account to view the card?

No, recipients do not need to create an account on illume to view the card.

Is it possible to edit or delete a note on a card once it's been added to the card, but not yet sent to the recipient?

If you are a contributor of a card and create an account after contributing to that card, you are able to edit or delete your note in the "card details" section of the "my cards" page.

Initiators—given that they need an account to create the card—are able to edit and delete their own note also in the "card details" section of card in the "my cards" page.

Why can't I see the reply to my card?

The reply to a card is solely based on whether a recipient wants to reply to a card. If the recipient replies to the card, then the reply will show up in the "card details" of the card, which should be located in the "sent" section in the "my cards" page.

You should also get an email that you received a reply from the recipient.

Can I re-send a card?

You are able to re-send the card, if the recipient has not yet read the card. All you have to do is access the card in the "sent" section of the "my cards" page. When you select "view details" of the particular card, you should see a field to input the email or SMS of the recipient to re-send the card.

Can individuals add to the card after it is sent?

Yes, contributors to a card can add notes to the card after it is sent to the recipient.

How can I print a card I received?

Right now, we don't offer card printing services. We're excited to potentially offer it in the near future.

How do I delete a card?

For a card in the "pending" section of your "my cards" page, scroll to the bottom of the card details page of the card and you should see a button that says, "delete card." You cannot delete cards that are already sent or received by a recipient.

Can I change the card theme/background colors for a card?

After you create a card, the theme you select is set and unchangeable. So if you want to change the background theme/colors, you'd have to create a new card. The reason: each theme has backgrounds that are designed to harmoniously go together when a recipient views a card. We wanna make sure the card looks really good!

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