Imonggo's Upload Tool is a premium feature that lets you quickly populate your new Imonggo account with your list of products, retail prices, customers and stock count by uploading a CSV file. Here's how to use the Products Upload Tool:

Products Upload

First, you have to create the CSV file that you will upload. You can do this by using Excel or any other spreadsheets program or download this sample CSV file.

The required column headers are: stock_number, name, cost, and retail_price (highlighted in yellow below).

The other headers, like barcodes, tags, description are optional and you can choose to delete them from the file.

Once you have saved the spreadsheet in CSV format, you can already upload it. To do so, go to Settings > Data Manager > Upload Tool, then choose Products under Data to Upload.

Then click the Choose File button to find the CSV file you have made for upload. It should then show you a preview of the file's contents. If there are no Missing Fields, you can click Proceed Upload.

If the upload is successful, you should see the items in Stockroom > Products.

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