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What is a car subscription compared to leasing?
What is a car subscription compared to leasing?
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You can own, rent or subscribe to a car. When we talk about car subscription, many ask if it is not the same as leasing?

The answer is very simple: No.

Briefly summarized

You have your own car.

But with imove, you subscribe to the car: We, or one of our partners, own the car, and you subscribe to it. This means that you can unsubscribe, or switch to another car type at any time, at no extra cost. You only pay for the period you use the car.

But leasing, on the other hand, is based on a car dealer selling the car to the leasing company for three or four years, and then buying the car back for a pre-agreed amount. This means that you as a leasing customer must commit to renting the car for the three or four years. So more obligations and less flexibility.

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