Content creation is time-consuming. The purpose of your signs is to display purposeful messages about your organization. But to capture viewer attention you need socially relevant content to on the screens, as well. Take the chore of making entertaining campaigns off of your plate by subscribing to one of our RedCore programs. We update your digital signage displays with fresh, interesting, and relevant content.

Accessing Red Core Manager

  • Select Apps on the top orange bar of CommandCenterHD.

  • In the apps page search for Red Core Manager

  • Select the Red Core Manager icon

Subscription Levels

Redcore is available in a variety of subscription options. For details on pricing please reach out to your Account Manager at 877-344-8450 or at

Free Weekly Categories

Free Weekly is available to all customers free of charge. Basic Weekly Categories update every Monday morning and includes the categories below:

Basic Daily

Basic Daily includes Free Weekly content and adds 8 additional categories that update every morning. Category examples are found below:

AP News

AP news includes news from 10 different categories that update twice a day. Each category has the option to have 2 – 8 articles allowing you to tailor how much news you’ll see on your screens. News topics include:

  • US News

  • World News

  • Business News

  • Technology News

  • And more

Basic Daily Plus

Basic Daily Plus includes Free Weekly, Basic Daily, and AP news.

Selecting your categories

  • Within Red Core check mark each option you would like to use on your screens by clicking on the category.

  • Hover over each option to get a preview of the content

  • Make sure to select Save Redcore Selection once you’ve selected your options.

Scheduling Red Core for playback

  • Select Assign Red Core to your Channels

  • Select the bullseye icon related to the channel you wish to use

  • Choose your playback preferences are unique to the channel. You may opt to play content by groupings, percentage, or sequence.Groupings will group all of the in-house content together and Red Core content separately in playback.Percentage gives the ability to weigh how much Red Core content vs in-house content seen in playback. Typically customers will select between 10-20% Red Core to 90-80% in-house content. That way there will be a sprinkling of the fun and informative Red Core content; however, the bulk of content in playback is relevant in-house content.Sequence will give a more even approach. After every in-house campaign, a Red Core campaign will play.

  • After selecting the playback type, select which Red Core content categories to display in this channel. Check marking here will enable that category for playback. Once complete select Save Channel.

  • Your Red Core content will now download to your device(s) and will show up in playback after the normal update times.

RedCore Examples

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