CommandCenterHD’s Pins and Project tool allows you to easily update and replace content within your most frequently used campaigns. A pin is a shortcut to an assigned text box, image, or video. A project is the term for a grouping of pins, located on your dashboard. Combined, you can quickly edit or replace assets without clicking into each campaign!

Creating Pins and Projects

  1. Select CampaignsHD

  • Create a new campaign or edit an existing campaign

   2. Build out your content as you normally would. Place your text boxes, images, and videos on your slides and format them appropriately.

   3. Double click on your image, video, or text box

  • In the edit window click on the drop down for Pin Item. Select an existing project or create a new one. A project is a grouping of the pins you wish to edit from the dashboard. Examples of Project names include: Main Lobby Welcome Screen or HR Updates Note: Naming conventions are very important. Keep names concise and easy to understand.

  • Input your Pin Label. This is the label for your pin. For example Header or Logo Image

  • Make sure to select Apply.

    4. Once you’ve created your design and applied your pins select Save.

    5. Now you can go to the dashboard and edit your pins

Changing your Dashboard view

Once you’re ready to update your pins you’ll first need to change your dashboard view. In the drop-down beneath the happy/sad faces on the dashboard you’ll select Projects.

The projects dashboard will look like:

Editing your Pins and Projects

  1. Select your project from the drop-down Select a Project

  2. Each pin will have 3 buttons

  • Red/Green Circle: This icon shows if your slide is active or not. Green is active and red is inactive

  • Pencil: This is the edit button. Click on this icon to update text and replace images or videos. Once you’ve made your changes make sure to select the green check mark icon to save. Note: When replacing an image or video is it important to find a file that is the same size as the original file. If you replace a portrait image with a landscape image the image will be squashed on the slide. 

  • Eye: This option will allow you to preview the slide.

Scheduling your project

Once you’ve completed your edits on your project you’ll want to make sure to schedule the campaign to play on your screens via ChannelsHD.

  1. Select ChannelsHD in the top orange navigation bar of your dashboard

  2. Click the Manage button next to the Channel you would like to add a Campaign into for playback on your digital signage.

  3. Click Add Campaign and choose the Campaign you want to use from the drop-down menu.

  4. You now have the option to select Run a Simple Campaign or Run an Advanced Campaign. In an Advanced Campaign, you have more control over when the campaign runs. Choose the days you want the campaign to begin and end, and then choose the times you want it to begin and end. 

  5. Once you have made your selections press the Save Time Frame button.

Adjusting Permissions and Deleting a Project

  1. Select the silhouette icon in the top orange bar

  2. Select User Settings

  3. Change Default Dashboard View to Projects

  4. Each project will have 3 icons 

  • Lock: This option will allow you to change the owner or group owner of the project. Do you want to share this with only one user group? Change the group owner here.

  • Share: Share this project with a specific user or group. This option is handy if you don’t want to change the permissions but wish to share the project.

  • Delete: select the X to delete your project

  5. Select Save User Profile to save your changes
  6. Optional:
Change your Default Dashboard View back to Default and select Save User Profile.

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