Playlists Introduction

Playlists allow you to create a playlist of channels and assign multiple devices to the playlist. For example let’s say you have a channel that you want to run all the time except for between 11am and 1pm you would like to have another channel play on your device or devices. You are able to do this with our Playlists tool.

Using Playlists

1. Click Apps in the CommandCenterHD navigation bar at the top of any page.

2. Click on the Playlists App.

3. Click the Add Playlist button.

4. Enter a Playlist Name.

5. Choose the Playlist Format.
Horizontal or Vertical

6. Select the Master Channel to playback on multiple devices.

7. Click Add Devices and Channels when finished.

8. You will now be able to assign devices to the Playlist.

9. Click Save Playlist.
Your Playlist will now run the selected Channel on all devices that you have assigned to it. At any time, you can re-designate a device to another Playlist or remove it from a playlist entirely. When removed from a Playlist, the device will revert back to playing the last Channel that was assigned to it.

Adding Additional Channels to a Playlist

1. In the Playlist App, click on the Add more Channels to your Playlist link.

2. This will open the below window:

3. This will allow you to add additional Channels into your current Playlist, after selecting a Channel and setting the desired time frame, click on the Add Channel button.

4. This Channel will now replace the Master Channel during your set time frame.

Adding a Playlist to a Device

On the left-hand side of the page, you’ll see devices listed. Select the devices you would like to have the playlist applied to. By check marking the device(s), this will apply this playlist to them.

Once the playlist has been applied the normal download time will apply before you’ll see your new playlist shown in playback.

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