RemoteHD allows users to restart, reboot, and check the status of their devices from within CommandCenterHD. Users can also send Campaigns out to their devices for immediate playback. This feature is especially useful when testing playback on a device. While utilizing this feature in conjunction with our On Demand app, you will not have to wait for CommandCenterHD to sync with the Media Bridge and the device.


  • When triggering Campaigns for immediate playback, those Campaigns will have to first be stored on the device by utilizing the On Demand module.

  • When assigning an action to a group of devices, you must first create attributes within the Bulk Manager.

Accessing RemoteHD

  1. Login to your CommandCenterHD account.

  2. Click Apps from the navigation bar.

  3. Under System Apps, search for RemoteHD.

  4. Select RemoteHD

Using the RemoteHD Controls

  1. Select the Target. The target will be the device(s) or attribute(s) that you want to perform one of the three controls.

  2. Next, select the desired control from the three icons listed

     3. Click the Controls button to return to the RemoteHD home screen.

Sending Campaigns to Digital Endpoints

  1. Click the Campaigns button located in the top right corner of your RemoteHD home screen.

  2. Select the Target that you would like your Campaign to play on. After you have selected the target, you can collapse the list by clicking the target list once more.

  3. From the list of Campaigns, you will now be able to send an action to your digital endpoints by clicking one of the commands to the right.

  • The Play button will play your campaign once and then return to a blank screen.

  • The Play & Resume button will play your campaign once and then return to your regularly scheduled content on the device’s channel.

  • The Play & Repeat button will play your campaign in a continuous loop on your device(s) until the Resume action is sent to your target from RemoteHD.

RemoteHD FAQ

Q: How long does it take for the RemoteHD actions to reach a device?
A: If the Campaigns have already been stored on your device by using the On Demand module, the trigger can be done immediately. For all other controls, you can expect a delay of about 15-20 minutes.

Q: I have been using RemoteHD for a long time, can I still access it by typing an “i.” before my CCHD account login (ex:
A: Yes, you can access RemoteHD either by locating it in the apps section of CommandCenterHD or by typing i. before your account login.

Q: Who can I contact if I have any questions?
A: Reach out to your Account Manager for more details at 877-344-8450 or at

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