LG WebOS Player Requirements

The first step to configuring your LG is to ensure the necessary hardware connections are in place. This includes a power adapter and a network connection.

  • A network connection that conforms to our network topology.

  • An active Industry Weapon MediaBridge installed onto your network is required for content to synchronize successfully.

  • Access to your CommandCenterHD account from a computer.

  • The LG Remote Control. (keyboard optional)

  • Correct Firmware VersionBefore configuring your E-Series player, confirm that your device is on the latest software from the manufacturer. To do this, take the following steps:

  • On your remote, press HOMEArrow to “Information” and press OKNote the Software Version (in the form of XX.YY.ZZ)

Once you have your device’s current software version, compare it to the latest version (noted below). If your software version is behind, it needs to be upgraded using the steps outlined before you can configure your player.

  • Current version: 4.73.60 (3.0)

  • Current version: 4.03.10 (3.0+)

  1. On a USB drive, create a folder called LG_MONITOR and put the .epk inside that directory

  2. Plug the drive into the LG, the Software Update page should come up automaticallyIf it doesn’t, hit the Settings button on the remote control and go down to All SettingsMove down so the General icon is selected on the leftPress the 7 button on the remote control seven times

  3. Hit the Update button and wait for it to reboot

Starting Configuration

WebOS 3.0

  1. Power on the LG.

  2. Press and hold the Settings/Gear Icon button on the remote control until a small box with a chat bubble icon appears in the top-right corner.Quickly proceed to step 3 as the small box only remains open for a short period of time.

  3. Once you can see the chat bubble icon, please press the following 8, 0, 8, 0 and OK button sequence on your remote control to open the Server Settings menu.

WebOS 3.0+

  1. Press Settings/Gear button on the remote.

  2. In the Ez Setting section select the SI Server Setting icon

Configuring the Server Settings

  1. In the Server Settings menu, please set the following options:

    2. Next to Application Type, please confirm that the IPK option is selected.
    3. Next to the Local Application Upgrade option, please select the Remote option.
    4. Select the Confirm button to begin the application install process on your LG panel.
    5. After a short time, a message will appear on the screen confirming that the IW Player for LG WebOS client installation has been successful.

Launching the IW Player App – WebOS 3.0

  1. Press the Home/House Icon button on your Remote, a menu bar will open near the bottom of your screen:

    2. Using the arrows, scroll all the way to the right. Choose the next page of options if needed.
    3. You will there see the IWPlayer icon. Select the IWPlayer icon and the player will auto-start.The IWPlayer will remain in autostart mode each time you turn on your screen hereafter.

Launching the IW Player App – WebOS 3.0+

  1. Power off the device.

  2. Power the device back on and the app will launch.The IWPlayer will remain in autostart mode each time you turn on your screen hereafter.

Activating your device in CommandCenterHD

  1. Once the IWPlayer has been launched, you will see a PIN number appear on the LG’s screen.

  2. Login to your CommandCenterHD account on a computer.

  3. On your CommandCenterHD Dashboard hover over the icon wrench in the upper right and click Devices.

  4. From the Device Manager screen, click Authorize Smart Device.

   5. Enter the authorization code from your player display and then click on the Authorize button.
   6. A new window will pop up prompting you to fill out information for this player. Be sure to fill out the required fieldslisted below:

  • Player Name: Choose a name to identify this player.

  • Player Status: Active status will allow the player to sync content.

  • Format: Choose your screen orientation.

  • Player Channel: Choose the content Channel you would like this player to display.

  • Video Quality: We recommend a setting of High.

   6. Set Synchronization Window
Configure a set time for the LG to sync content.
*Set this to Disabled to sync content normally.

   7. Location
Enter this player’s location and click on the “Get Coordinates” button.
   8. Click on the Save button once you have entered the required information.
It will then take 5-10 minutes to register and then begin to download the necessary files for playback. Once these are downloaded, you will see content playback on the screen.


  • What model lines of LG does Industry Weapon currently support? Answer: It supports the webOS 3.0 and 3.0+ platform.

  • Do you need a keyboard and a mouse to install the player?Answer: No, Smart Authorization gives users a quick and easy install.

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