Intro to Folders in MediaHD

This article will give you an overview of how to use Folders in MediaHD. Using Folders in CommandCenterHD (CCHD) can help you organize and manage your content based on criteria determined by your users, whether that is creating a Folder for your different organizations, departments, screen locations, or even based on the message. 

Adding a New Folder

1. In MediaHD, click the Add Folder button on the left-hand side of the Media Library.

2. In the Folder window, enter a Name for your folder and click Save. NOTE: The Tags field is used to expand Search functionality for assets in the Folder. If you do use this field, separate Tags with a comma.

Once created, you should see the Folder show in the list under the Add Folder button. To access the contents, click on the Folder Icon.

Adding Media to a Folder

While in the Folder, adding an asset is as easy as clicking the Add Media button and uploading or creating your Image, Video, HTML, or Remote Image.

Adding an existing Media asset to a Folder is as simple as dragging and dropping the asset from your Media Library to the Folder. 

Exiting the Folder

To access your main Media Library from the Folder, you'll click the All Media button that is above the Add Folder button.

Removing Media from a Folder

To remove an asset from a Folder simply drag the file to the All Media button above the Add Folder button.

Additional Options for Folders

Editing the Folder

The Pencil Icon allows you to change the Name or Tags for your Folder.

Editing Folder Permissions

The Padlock Icon next to your MediaHD Folder gives you the ability to set Permissions based on rules set by an Owner or Administrator. The Permissions for CommandCenterHD Assets or Objects article will give you more information on the different options.

Deleting an Folder

The Red X gives you the option to remove the Folder from your Media Library.

NOTE - Deleting a folder will not delete the files within the folder. When you delete a folder, the files will still be located within the main Media Library.

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