1. Provide the metadata URL or file to Industry Weapon

  2. Industry Weapon will configure on our end and send over our metadata URL (approx. 2-3 days)

  3. Import our metadata URL

  4. Set up in your CommandCenterHD Account• Access the SAML App located in System Apps

Configurable fields within SSO:
“upn” => unique user ID
“givenname” => first name
“surname” => last name
“emailaddress” => email

SSO Tips 

  • Once SSO is enabled in CommandCenterHD, all users that log in through SSO will have a shell account created.

  • For initial setup, everyone that logs in will get a new user account created. The SSO users denotes SSO on the user page.

  • There is a merge user option within the User section of CommandCenterHD. You will want to merge the non-SSO user to the SSO user to maintain the non-SSO setting with the new account.

  • Ensure SAML or ADFS App is enabled in advance, but not both at the same time.

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