With your CommandCenterHD subscription, you can add Unlimited Users  to your account. Our robust user management portal allows for the creation of diverse permissions tailored to meet the needs of any size and type of deployment.

Please note! - In order to ensure the safety and privacy of information for your organization, Industry Weapon agents are unable to create or manage accounts on your CommandCenterHD instance. Please reach out to your Account's System Administrator for any assistance.

Getting Started

To add a user or users to your CommandCenterHD account you must have an email address for the user’s login.

Open the Users Page

From the CommandCenterHD Dashboard hover over the wrench in the top orange bar and in the drop down select Users

Note: If you do not see the wrench icon please reach out to your System Administrator to be granted access. 

Creating a User’s login

Once in the Manage Users page (pictured below) enter the User's First and Last Name, and add their email address to the Email Address and Email Address (User ID) fields.

Creating an Admin

A user can be made an Administrator by simply check-marking Administrator. Administrators have access to all sections and content in the system and are the only user permission level that allows access to the User Management and the Configuration Sections.

Assigning Default Group

User Groups serve as a folder of all the content that users make within CommandCenterHD.  It groups together all Media, Template, Campaign, and Channel assets to users Group assignment.

If a non-admin is part of a user group, they can only see the content assigned to their group. Any content the user creates will be assigned to the default group selected here. A user can be part of multiple groups, but make sure that their default group is set correctly.

Selecting Default Dashboard

From this option, you can change the dashboard view that the user sees when they log in. Depending on the user’s needs you may want to select Default or Projects.

  • Default – This is the default dashboard you’re used to seeing. It includes buttons for MediaHD, TemplatesHD, CampaignsHD, and ChannelsHD.
  • Projects – This view will show the Projects dashboard in the case that your user uses Pins and Projects often.

Users can change their default dashboard from the dashboard when they are logged in, as well. Below are screenshots showing two options:

Default Dashboard

Project Dashboard

Grant “All Access”

Grant All Access users are able to have complete freedom in content creation and app access while only having access to their user groups content. This user type cannot adjust account configuration, add users, or edit user permissions. 

Permissions and Groups

Under Permissions and Groups, a user profile can be restricted further by enabling or disabling access to certain parts of the system. 

You can toggle on or off certain parts of the system under User Permission Profile. Want a user to only have access to MediaHD? Make sure to turn All Access off and only grant add/edit access to MediaHD. 

Under User Content Groups you can add a user to multiple groups. Remember, when they upload or create new content their content will be owned and accessible to their Default Group. By being part of multiple groups a user will have access to more items in Media, Templates, Campaigns, and Channels.

Permissions Example Overview

The video below presents permission configuration examples within CommandCenterHD:

Saving a User

Once you’ve created your user profile, make sure to select Apply User Settings from the Permissions and Groups window and then select Save User on the Manage Users page. 

Once the user is saved, they’ll receive an email with their username and temporary password.

Additional Options

On the left side of the Manage Users page, you can check mark a user’s name which will give additional options to manage current users.

Perhaps someone has left the organization and their replacement needs to be given access to all of their content. You can merge the old account into the new account with the merge functionality.

The reset button gives the option to send a reset email or manually reset a user’s password in the case they’ve forgotten their password.

If a user has attempted to log in with an incorrect password more than three times, their account will be locked. Click the unlock button to unlock the account.

Are you creating multiple users with the same permissions? Duplicate a user by clicking on the duplicate button and you’ll be able to create new users with the same exact permissions.

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