The Web Page Publisher App in CommandCenterHD will allow you to capture a snapshot of a selected web page, or of a selected cropped area of a web page. The captured remote image snapshot will update at set intervals and can be placed into your TemplatesHD or CampaignsHD content like any other image. This will provide an up-to-date view of the selected web page on your digital signage endpoints. If you’ve ever wanted to publish a website to your digital devices, our Web Page Publisher app is the quickest and easiest way to do so.

The Web Page Publisher App may not be compatible with all web pages, it is recommended to test your selected web page on a controlled digital signage end point before fully deploying the content.

Accessing the Web Page Publisher App

  1. On your CommandCenterHD Dashboard click on the Apps section on your navigation bar.

  2. You can search for or scroll through the System Apps to find the Web Page Publisher App, click on the App.

Adding/Editing Website Snapshot

  1. Inside of the Web Page Publisher App, click on the Add Link Item button.

  2. Use the options below to add a website’s snapshot:Name: Enter a Name to identify this Web Page snapshot.URL: Enter the web page’s URL here. The green icon can be used to refresh the preview window.Authentication: Enter any required Username and Password for the web page. This may not support all types of web page authentication.Browser Width: Adjust the capture area width scaling of the web page.Max 2500Browser Height: Adjust the capture area height scaling of the web page.Max 2500Capture Delay: Set the delay time in seconds of when the snapshot of the web page is taken, after the web page finishes loadingNot setting this value to at least 5 seconds, may result in issues displaying the web page.Update Intervals: Select how often a new snapshot is takenActive: Checkmark this box to set this snapshot as active and available for digital signage playback

  3. Once you have finished entering and setting the required information, click the Save Link Item button to save your web page snapshot.You can Edit previously created web page snapshots by clicking on the edit notepage icon on the main Web Page Publisher App dashboard.

  4. Once saved your snapshot will create a remote image that will be found within MediaHD. The remote image can be added to a template or a slide in a campaign.Note: The preview will take 20 minutes to populate in your remote images tab. 

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