Password Reset

1. Go to and select Account Login. Enter your CommandCenterHD Account ID then click Forgot Your Password.

2. When the Forgot Password page loads, enter your email address and click Continue. You will receive an email in a few minutes with a password reset link.

3. Open the email and click the reset link.

4. Confirm your email address and click Submit.

5. Next, enter and confirm your new password.

6. Click the Reset button and follow the prompts back to the login page to login with your new credentials.

Your CommandCenterHD URL:
If you are experiencing issues logging in, please make sure that the URL in your browser is as follows:

Example: if your account name is Industry Weapon, you will want the login URL to be 

Didn't solve your problem? You can either try a Password Reset or click here to submit a ticket to our support team for assistance help you log in.

If you still need assistance, please email

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