Samsung SSSP Player Requirements

The first step to configuring your Samsung SSSP is to ensure the necessary hardware connections are in place. This includes a power adapter and a network connection.

  • A network connection that conforms to our network topology.Specific network topologies can be found on the Industry Weapon Support page

  • An active Industry Weapon MediaBridge with the Web Cache enabled, installed onto your network is required for content to synchronize successfully.

  • Access to your CommandCenterHD account from a computer.

  • The Samsung SSSP Remote Control.

  • A USB keyboard connected to the Samsung SSSP (OPTIONAL).

  • Correct Firmware Version - Before configuring your E-Series player, confirm that your device is on the latest software from the manufacturer. To do this, take the following steps:On your remote, press MENUArrow down to “Support” and press SELECTArrow to “Contact Samsung” and press SELECTNote the last four regular digits of the “Software Version,” along with any digits after the dot.

Once you have your device’s current software version, compare it to the latest version (noted below). If your software version is behind, it needs to be upgraded using the steps outlined before you can configure your player.

SSSP (E Series):

Current version: 1034.2

  1. Rename the resulting folder to T-GFSLE2AKUC

  2. Copy the folder onto a blank USB drive and plug it in to the Samsung device

  3. With the remote control, go to Menu > Support > Software Update > Update Now


SSSP (D Series):

Current version: 1042.1 (DBD)

Current version: 1036.5 (DMD)

  1. Download and unzip it (for DB48D, or DB22D, see below)

  2. Unzip the downloaded file and save the zip files within it to your computer.

  3. Copy one file to the USB, and unzip the file. change the name of the resulting folder to T-GFSLAKUC

  4. Plug the USB into the Samsung device and follow the steps to update it from Support > Software Update > Update Now

  5. Repeat Step 2-3 for the other files.

Note: DB22D applies to only that model; DB48D applies to all other DBD models as well as DM32D and DS32D, DM48D applies to everything else.

Configuring the Samsung SSSP

  1. For CommandCenterHD Mode:Proceed directly to step #2.For MediaBridge Mode:Login to the web interface for your MediaBridge, by navigating to it’s IP address in a web browser. Go to the Account Configuration section and set your Web Cache Key.*Your Web Cache Key can be found in your CommandCenterHD Configuration page under the section Account Settings.

  2. Power on the Samsung SSSP.

  3. Using the remote control, press the Home(House) key.

  4. Select the Change URL button in the top right hand section of the screen.

  5. *If you do not see the URL Launcher Setting button, press the home button on the remote until you see an empty screen. Hit the menu button on the remote. Navigate to Menu – System – PlayVIA – change PlayVIA from MagicInfo to URL Launcher. You may need to turn the screen off and then back on before being able to change the settings to PlayVIA. If you are unable to edit please reach out to*If your screens are VERTICAL, please refer to the last section of this page.

  6. After clicking on the Change URL button, enter the address for either CommandCenterHD mode or MediaBridge mode. CommandCenterHD Mode: account with your CommandCenterHD account ID. MediaBridge Mode: http://MBIP/.s/Replace MBIP with your MediaBridge’s IP address. Please also verify you have your web cache key entered in your MediaBridge, as described in step #1.

  7. Click the URL Launcher button.

  8. Once the app has been activated, you will see a PIN number appear on the Samsung’s screen.

  9. Login to your CommandCenterHD account on a separate computer.

  10. On your CommandCenterHD Dashboard hover over the wrench icon in the upper right and click Devices.

  11. From the Device Manager screen, click Authorize Smart Device.

1. Enter the authorization code from your player display and then click on the Authorize button.

2. A new window will pop up prompting you to fill out information for this player. Be sure to fill out the required fields listed below:

  • Player Name- Choose a name to identify this player.

  • Player Status - Active status will allow the player to sync content.

  • Format - Choose your screen orientation.

  • Player Channel - Choose the content Channel you would like this player to display.

  • Video Quality - We recommend a setting of High.

  • Set Synchronization Window - Configure a set time for the Samsung SSP to sync content.*Set this to Disabled to sync content normally.

  • Location - Enter this player’s location and click on the “Get Coordinates” button.

  1. Click on the Save button once you have entered the required information.It will then take 5-10 minutes to register and then begin to download the necessary files for playback. Once these are downloaded, you will see content playback on the screen.

Resetting the Samsung SSSP

The following steps explain the process of resetting the player. The reset will delete all content currently synced to the player as well as reset the URL. The player will need to be re-added to your CCHD account to begin showing updated content.

  1. Using the remote control, press the Home (House) key.

  2. Select the Change URL button in the top right-hand section of the screen.

  3. Edit your current URL by adding reset to the end of the address.CommandCenterHD Mode: Mode: http://MBIP/.s/reset

  4. Select the URL Launcher button.

  5. Once confirmation appears, using the remote control, press the Home key again.

  6. Select the Change URL button in the top right hand section of the screen.

  7. Set the URL back to what it was originally by deleting reset from the address.

  8. Select the URL Launcher button.

Changing Connect Mode (MediaBridge or CommandCenterHD)

The player will continue to play in whichever mode you initialized it to with the launcher URL.  If you wish to change the connect mode (for example, switching from MediaBridge mode to CommandCenterHD mode, or switching from one MediaBridge IP to another), you will need to perform the following steps.

  1. Go to the Devices section in CCHD and make the desired change to your device.

  2. Using the remote control, press the Home (House) key.

  3. Select the Change URL button in the top right hand section of the screen.

  4. Enter $DEL

  5. Select URL Launcher.  The screen should go to black and then go back to the Home screen after a few seconds.

  6. Select Change URL again, enter the new address, and select URL Launcher.

  7. The device will show a Welcome screen and then switch to playing your content.

How to Set a Vertical Orientation

*Please note, the Samsung SSSP does not support video content in a vertical orientation. If you would like to explore vertical options for video playback please reach out to your Industry Weapon account manager for more details.

  1. Select the Change URL button in the top right-hand section of the screen.

  2. Add /v to the end of the URL.*This works whether it is in CommandCenterHD Mode or MediaBridge Mode.CommandCenterHD Mode: Mode: http://MBIP/.s/v*Please verify you have your web cache key entered in your MediaBridge configuration

  3. Back on the home screen, select More Settings.

  4. Go to OnScreen Display → Display Orientation and change the Onscreen Menu Orientation to Portrait.

  5. Press Exit on the remote to return to the home screen and select URL Launcher.

  6. The device will show a Welcome screen and then switch to playing your content.*To switch back to Landscape mode, just reverse the changes.


Open a Case with the Industry Weapon Support Team or give us a call at 877-607-0562.

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