The first step to configuring your Moderro 4600 Player is to ensure the necessary hardware connections are in place. This includes a power adapter, HDMI cable, and an Ethernet connection.

  • A network connection that conforms to our network topology.

  • An active Industry Weapon MediaBridge installed onto your network is required for content to synchronize successfully.

  • Moderro IEM

  • Moderro 4600 must be in managed mode

  • Access to your CommandCenterHD account from a computer.

Logging in to your IEM Account

  1. In your web browser, go to the URL for your IEM account and login.

2. From here you will be able to add your device, apply your policy, and manage your Moderro devices

Setting Up the Device in Managed Mode

  1. Plug in and boot up your device.

  2. Make sure a keyboard is plugged into the device.

  3. Boot up your player and upon the welcome screen hit CTRL + ALT + S

  4. Navigate to the System option and click enter:Tab down to where it says Managed and be sure that you choose that option (will say switched to managed)Tab down one to where it says managed host and then enter the hostname for your IEM.Once added, tab up to Switch to Managed and select, the device will reboot and upon boot will show the device has now been switched to managed modeNote: If you have already logged into your IEM from your computer, you may see your device will automatically be added to your IEM (please proceed to applying the policy)

Creating a New Device in your IEM

  1. Make sure Ethernet is plugged into the device.

  2. Power on the device.

  3. Log into Moderro IEM.

  4. Choose New Device.

  5. Give Device a name and enter the serial number of the device and click Register.

Creating a New Policy for Devices in the IEM

  1. Login to your IEM account.

  2. Click on Policies on the left-hand dashboard.

  3. On the right-hand dashboard, click New Policy

  4. Enter a name for the policy

  5. Check the box for “Is Action”

  6. Check the box for “add to Custom Action”

  7. Click Create

  8. Double click on the policy

  9. Uncheck “runtime properties only” next to the filter bar

  10. Go to the Browser file

  11. Click the Startup Folder

  12. Click on URL

  13. Double Click in the value field and enter; (account name is the name of your CommandCenterHD account)

  14. Click the green checkbox

  15. Click Apply at the bottom

Applying the Policy to your devices in the IEM management console

1. Click on the Devices option on the left-hand dashboard.

2. Click on New Group on the right-hand dashboard and give it a Group Name

3. Single-click on the folder icon that appears and hit Properties.

4. Go to the Members tab and click on the + icon on the bottom left of the box

Click all desired devices and click Add, then Apply

6. Click on the Policies tab and select the policy you previously created in the box on the left and use the green arrow to apply it to the group, then click Apply.

7. Under the Predefined Actions bar in the right tab (click the icons on the top left if you do not see it), click Reboot; this will send a reboot command to all devices assigned to the group and apply the new policy to them.

8. Once the devices come back online, they will display a pin for you to use to activate them.

9. Proceed to the Adding IEM Portal into CommandCenterHD section of this manual.

Adding IEM Portal into CommandCenterHD

1. Login to your CommandCenterHD account then navigate to the Configuration page.

2. Click on the Account Settings Tab

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and see IEM Portal Accounts

4. Choose Add IEM Portal Zone

5. Fill in the information for your IEM account

6. Choose Save IEM Portal

Adding the Device into CommandCenterHD

1.On your CommandCenterHD Dashboard hover over the icon in the upper right and click Devices.

2. From the Device Manager screen, click Authorize Smart Device.

3. Enter the authorization code from your player display and then click on the Authorize button.

  1. A new window will pop up prompting you to fill out the following required information. Enter a Player Name.Change the status to Active.Select the proper Format of the screen.Enter the unique DMC Code for this player. This can be found by double clicking your device in the Moderro IEM interface, and then clicking on the Show button next to Maintenance Code.Select an Available Channel you would like to playback on the device. Note, only channels in your selected orientation format will be available in the drop down.If available, select the Connect Mode, in most cases, this will be MediaBridge. If this mode is not visible it is because CommandCenterHD connect mode it has not been activated for your account.If available, select the MediaBridge Zone. If you do not have a MediaBridge installed, you will need to do so before your player will function properly. Only required when in MediaBridge Connect Mode.In the Location field, enter the zip code of where the player will be located, and then press the Get Coordinates button.Select the correct Time Zone for the location of this device.Once you have entered all the above fields, click the Save buttonOnce you hit Save, you will notice your display showing a successful pairing and your application  (referred to in CommandCenterHD as a “Device”) will begin to sync content for playback.Questions?


Open a Case with the Industry Weapon Support Team or give us a call at 877-607-0562.

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