The Chrome Industry Weapon player app was built to support indexeddb synchronization and playback for enhanced file storage and streaming. We have also made changes to the app to support offline playback and event handling to support the indexeddb storage.


  • Network configured per network topology

  • Keyboard

  • Purchase of hardwareModels supported:

First Time Setup

  1. Plug the Chrome device into your screen via HDMI  and make sure your keyboard is plugged into the USB of your device

  2. Upon bootup, sign into your google account on the device

  3. Navigate to the Chrome App store and search Industry Weapon or IW Player

  4. Once located, download the IW Player App by clicking + Add to Chrome

  1. Once added, launch the app and a Smart Authorization code will appear and you can proceed to adding your device into CommandCenterHD

Adding the Device into CommandCenterHD

  1. On your CommandCenterHD Dashboard hover over the wrench icon in the upper right and click Devices.

  2. From the Device Manager screen, click Authorize Smart Device.

  1. Enter the authentication code that appears on the screen. Hit the “Authorize” button when you have finished typing it.

  2. Once you hit authorize, you will be prompted to fill out the device details for the Chrome player. When you are done filling in the appropriate fields hit SAVE. You will now see your device begin to sync content for playback.


Open a Case with the Industry Weapon Support Team or give us a call at 877-607-0562.

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