Configure DMP IP Address and Account

  1. Plug HDMI cable into Display/TV & then into DMP

  2. Plug Ethernet cable into DMP and then into network wall outlet (Requires DHCP)

  3. Plug DMP into the power source

  4. Turn on the Display/TV

  5. Turn on the DMP & you should see a Cisco Welcome Screen for only 30 Seconds (if missed, restart DMP)

  6. Take note of the DMP IP Address (write it down, take a picture, utilize your superior memory bank, etc.).

By default, the Cisco DMP is set to DHCP. Please make sure that your network has DHCP enabled for the initial setup on the DMPs. If your network does not support DHCP, you can plug the DMP into a standard router to get the initial IP Address.

Setup Cisco’s DMP Admin

  1. Enter the DMP IP Address from Cisco Welcome Screen (ex. –

  2. When you go to your DMP IP Address, you will be asked to enter Username and Password (Username = admin, Password =default)The DMP may ask you to create a new password to access the device. If your DMP prompts for this, enter a new password and write it down. It is easier to use this same password when setting up all DMPs on your network. Also, you will need this password later on in the setup process.Click on left navigation links, update settings below:Select BasicSet Dynamic IP Addressing to Disabled (Only leave this option set to enabled if you have reserved the DHCP address for your device. If the DMP’s IP changes, its communication with CCHD with be severed.)Enter appropriate network configuration data in the field below. (skip this step is a DHCP IP has been reserved and the DHCP drop down is set to enabled).Click Apply at the bottom of the configuration page

  3. To make changes permanent, click Save Configuration and Restart DMP at the bottom of the configuration page

DMP IP Addresses are unique to your player and cannot be used more than once.

Setup DMP Settings

  1. Select Browser

  2. Update Splash Screen Display Time to 10000

  3. Set Max Screen Width and Height720p = 1366 pixels (width) x 768 pixels (height)1080p = 1920 pixels (width) x 1080 pixels (height)If used on 4400g/4305g, DMP Settings in CCHD must be checked as 1080

  4. Click Apply

  5. Click Save Configuration and Restart DMP

Setup Internal Storage – Read and Write

  1. Click on Internal Storage

  2. Set to Read and Write

  3. Click Apply

  4. Click Save Configuration and Restart DMP

Enable FTP

  1. Click on DMP Management

  2. Set FTP to enabled

  3. Set HTTP Proxy to disabled

  4. Click Apply

  5. Click Save Configuration and Restart DMP

Setup Portrait Mode / Vertical Display (Optional)

  1. Click on Browser

  2. Set Screen Rotation Angle to 270.

  3. Click Apply

  4. Click Save Configuration and Restart DMP

Please note: Vertical is only supported on the 4440.

Adding your device into CommandCenterHD

  1. Login to CommandCenterHD

  2. Hover over Dashboard on the top orange bar and select Devices in the dropdown

  3. Click Add Digital Signage Player

  4. Create Device Name (ex. – Location of DMP “Lobby, Conference”)

  5. Select a Device Model (Located on bottom of DMP)Options: 4305G or 4400G

  6. Select FirmwareOptions: 5.4, 5.3, 5.2, 5.1, 5.0, 4.X

  7. Set player status to active

  8. Select a Zone

  9. Enter your Device IP Address

  10. Enter Zip Code of DMP Location

  11. Select Time Zone of DMP Location

  12. Select DMP Channel

  13. Select Orientation based on the settings you defines during the DMP setup ie Horizontal displays have a browser rotation of 0, vertical display have a browser rotation of 270.

  14. Select Type to Live

  15. Select your resolutionMost typical option is 1920×1080

  16. Click Save

  17. Network must be configured per network topology


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