1. Power Off the media player.

2) Plug the USB Stick into the media player.

 3) Plug a Keyboard into the media player.

 4) Power the media player On.

 5) The first Clonezilla screen will appear, hit Enter.
*Some media players may require you to hit the F10 key during the below boot screen, this will allow you to access the media player’s boot menu to select the USB device.

6) It will then go through an automated process until you are prompted to confirm you want to image the media player device.

 7) Press Y, then hit Enter, and then Again press Y, and once again hit Enter.

 8) Everything else will be automated until the imaging process finishes.

 9) You will be asked for next steps, Press 0 and Enter to shutdown the media player device.

 10) Disconnect the USB Stick and power the media player On.

 11) The device will boot into our software, and pull an IP address through DHCP which is displayed on the start-up page.

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