@ a Glance provides a snapshot of your channels, their campaigns, schedules, and affiliated devices. Each time this section loads the overview will be updated based on the current selections and schedules. Results in light grey indicate an inactive device or schedule.

Accessing @ a Glance

  1. Select Apps on the top orange bar of CommandCenterHD.

  2. In the apps page search for @ a Glance

  3. Select the @ a Glance app

Using @ a Glance

  1. When the app opens you can choose from 4 different schedule options:

  1. View Currently Playing Schedules: This option will allow you to see all of the channels in use in your account and the campaigns scheduled within the channel. See campaign duration as well as preview the campaign by clicking on the eye symbol. Download the results as an Excel file.

  2. Filter Schedule by Device: This will allow you to select a specific device to see what campaigns are scheduled to play on it. Download the results as an Excel file.

  3. Filter Schedule by Channel: Use this view to see all of the campaigns running within this channel. Download the results as an Excel file.

  4. Find Gaps in Today’s Scheduled Content: This option will go through all scheduled devices, and content to determine if there are any gaps in content playback for today. This will take in consideration simple, advanced, and Globalcast content.


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