Use our Active Directory app to tie into your on-prem Active Directory Single Sign-On solution. We recommend that an admin with access to your Active Directory server configure this app.

What is Active Directory?

Active Directory is a user-login management service based on Microsoft server, or any LDAP compatible authentication service. This directory service is already available in most Windows Server operating systems and uses Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Accessing Active Directory 

  1. Select Apps on the top orange bar of CommandCenterHD.

  2. In the apps page search for Active Directory

  3. Select the Active Directory appNote: If you do not see the Active Directory app reach out to your admin to get access. 

Configuring Active Directory

Once in the Active Directory App you’ll have the below fields:

  • Enable Active DirectorySet to on to enable CommandCenterHD to tie in with Active Directory

  • Contact Name, Email, and PhoneFill out who would be the main contact for Active Directory integration within your organization. In the case we needed to troubleshoot anything we’ll need to know who best to work with.

  • Server ZoneChoose which MediaBridge you’re connecting with. The MediaBridge will communicate internally with your Active Directory server over port 389.

  • Server AddressThis is the Active Directory Server address

  • DN Search BaseInput your DN Search Credentials

Select Save Settings once complete

Connecting a user account to Active Directory

  • Hover over the wrench in the top orange navigation bar and select Users in the dropdown

  • Select the name of an existing user or start adding a new user and checkmark Use LDAP.

  • Once LDAP has been enabled a field for Distinguished Name will populate fill this out with the distinguished name found in Active Directory.

  • Select save user to apply LDAP to the selected user.


Reach out to your Account Manager for more details at 877-344-8450 or at

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