ApproveIT gives you greater control over the content being published to your digital signs. It’s particularly helpful if you oversee a group of employees (production artist, graphic designers, etc.) and need an easier way to comment on content and share ideas.

Key Features

  • Require approval for new media and changes to campaigns

  • User permissions determine which users need approval and which do the approving

  • Receive email notifications when content needs to be approved

Enabling ApproveIT

In order to set up ApproveIT, you must be a System Administrator.

  1. Click on the wrench on the top orange bar in CommandCenterHD

  2. Select CCHD Settings and enable Media ApproveIT or Slide ApproveIT and Media ApproveIT.Media ApproveIT will require uploaded media assets to be approved before they can be added to a slide.Slide ApproveIT requires slides to be approved once created in order to be activated.

Configuring Approvers

  1. Hover over the wrench and select users in the drop-down.

  2. Click on the username or select the edit (notepad) icon that correlates to the user you wish to make an approver.

  3. Select Permissions and Groups in their user settingsIf you would like this person to be an Approver for all media and slides: Grant them “Admin” access next to the App ApproveITHD option.If you would like this person to be an Approver for media and slides thatONLY belong to their content groups: Grant them “Normal” access next to the App ApproveITHD option.

  4. Click Apply User Settings and then Save User. Only users with Normal or Admin on in their user settings will receive email notifications. System Administrators can always approve or deny all content; however, they will only receive email notifications if one of those options are enabled.Remember: The purpose of ApproveIT is to allow you to customize exactly who can approve or deny media and/or slide content. While some users will need Administrator access, most will only need limited access to work with their specific areas.

Using ApproveIT to Approve Content

  1. Select Apps on the top orange bar of CommandCenterHD.

  2. In the apps page search for ApproveITHD

  3. Select the ApproveITHD app

  4. In the app you will see all content pending approval.

  1. Beneath the preview screen, there is a text box in which you can type notes about this asset before choosing Approve or Deny. The non-approver will receive notice of your approval or denial as well as your notes.

  2. Once you approve the content, it will be activated in the non-approver’s MediaHD Library.


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