This enables your device to play without a constant connection to your MediaBridge, thus allowing you to better manage bandwidth usage. Choose the exact time of day to send the export or select a recurring export schedule.

Key Features

  • Only push content to a device at specified time

  • Allows device to play without constant connection to the MediaBridge

  • Schedule when the exports will run to better manage your bandwidth usage

Process Description

Export mode can be broken down into two main steps, setting a device to export mode and scheduling the export. Turning the device to export mode stops the MediaBridge from constantly pushing content to it, from that point there will be no new content sent to the device until a scheduled export occurs.
Note: Exports are not supported on IW M, P, or W series players. 

Setting the device to Export Mode

Editing the Device

  1. Hover over the wrench in the orange navigation bar and select Devices in the drop down.Note: If you do not see the wrench icon you’ll need to be granted access from your CommandCenterHD admin. 

  2. Click on the edit (notepad) icon that corresponds to the device you wish to edit.

  3. Select PlaybackChange Type to ExportEnable or Disable Export DiagnosticsThis will allow you to enable or disable diagnostic informationSet Quiet Mode to on or off.When Quiet Mode is enabled HTTP calls or Dynamic Template content feeds are disabled

  4. Select Save to apply your changes.

Scheduling an Export

  1. Select Apps on the top orange bar of CommandCenterHD.

  2. In the apps page search for Exports

  3. Select the Exports app

  4. Once in the app you’ll see the page below:

  1. Checkmark the device(s) you wish to schedule an export.Select your Export Optiona. Export NowExports your content immediatelyb. Schedule ExportSchedule a one time export to occur in the futurec. Schedule a Recurring ExportSchedule an export to happen regularly. this is useful if you’d like your device to remain in export mode, but have it check for updated content at specified times.

Submit your export

Once you’ve selected your devices, and the times you want the exports to run you can click next at the bottom, and then submit.


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