Between your organization’s standard content, present a three or five-day weather report. No longer will employees spend time online checking the latest weather report when the same content is already displayed! Our Full Screen Weather application automatically brings content directly to your digital signage deployment. With the weather forecast presented on the entire screen, no one at your organization will miss out on the latest weather details.

Accessing Fullscreen Weather

  1. Select Apps on the top orange bar of CommandCenterHD.

  2. In the apps page search for Fullscreen Weather

  3. Select the Fullscreen Weather app

Creating a Fullscreen Weather Campaign

  • Select Add Weather ChannelName your campaignSelect 5-day Forecast or Multiple Cities ForecastInput your zip code(s)Choose Fahrenheit or Centigrade Location, Day, High Temp, and Low Temp formatting optionsCustomize the output of the app by changing color, font, and font sizeOur trainers recommend leaving the options to the default settingsChoose your templateSelect your resolutionSet the duration on screen for your fullscreen weather slideWeather Background (found only under the 5-day forecast option)Checkmark Active to activate the campaignSelect Save Weather Forecast once complete.

  • Once created the preview will take about 20 minutes to populate.

5-Day Forecast Example

Adding your Fullscreen Weather Campaign into a Channel

  • Select ChannelsHD

  • Click on the Manage button (notepad) on the Channel of your choice

  • Select Add Campaign and choose the Campaign you want to use from the drop-down menu.Note: Fullscreen Weather campaigns will be found under the yellow header Fullscreen Weather

  • You now have the option to select Run a Simple Campaign or Run an Advanced Campaign.In an Advanced Campaign, you have more control over when the campaign runs. Choose the days you want the campaign to begin and end, and then choose the times you want it to begin and end.

  • Once you have made your selections press the Save Time Frame button.

  • Your Fullscreen Weather slide will now be seen in playback after the normal update time.


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