Globalcast is CommandCenterHD’s Attribute scheduler that allows users to quickly assign digital signage campaigns to as many displays as desired. Attributes within CommandCenterHD are tags that uniquely identify devices. Once a device is given an attribute or series of attributes, users can deliver content specific to each device based on the assigned attribute(s).

How Does Globalcast Work?

Simply assign attributes to the media player in your network, launch Globalcast to target media players with those attributes, and schedule the campaigns. When ready, the media player will pull the targeted content from CommandCenterHD and publish it to the specified displays.

Using Globalcast

  • From your CommandCenterHD Dashboard, select the Apps section

  • Search for Globalcast 

  • Select Globalcast

  • Once within the Globalcast App select a Display Orientation Format (Horizontal or Vertical)

  • Select a campaign from the drop-down menu

  • Assign an Attribute - If you select multiple attributes think of it as an and not an or. For example, if you were to select the attributes North America and New York City you’ll target devices that have BOTH North America and New York City attributes applied to it. (Please note: You will not be able to assign a campaign unless you select an attribute) If you need to create an attribute you’ll need to use our Bulk Manager app to create attributes.

  • Select Schedule Type (Simple or Advanced)In an Advanced Campaign, you have more control over when the campaign runs. Choose the days you want the campaign to begin and end, and then choose the times you want it to begin and end. Select save time frame to schedule your campaign

  • Once scheduled your Globalcast content will download to your device and play in rotation with the other campaigns scheduled to play on the device. Normal update times apply.


Q: How can I view what devices have Globalcast scheduled?
A: Go to the Devices page, select the edit icon on a device, and view the Connections tab

Q: Can I assign a campaign in Globalcast without an attribute?
A: No. You have to assign an attribute. If you have not, you will be prompted with a popup window to select an attribute

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