Avoid stale signage and direct your viewer’s attention to the screens with the Live Video App. In just a few simple steps, your screen will become an impressive media outlet.

How Does Live Video Work?

Using a MPEG-2 Transport Stream Live Video over UDP, the live video feed will first be added into the Live Video section of CCHD, and then added to a Template. Your player must be able to reach the source of the live video over the network.
For device specifics please reach out to your Account Manager for details. 

How does Source Input Work?

Certain devices within our player portfolio allow users to take an external source’s digital or analog input directly to their digital signage. Users can then assign this input to a template within their CommandCenterHD campaigns. The source can be any video device.
For device specifics please reach out to your Account Manager for details. 

Accessing a Live Video Feed

  1. Select Apps on the top orange bar of CommandCenterHD.

  2. In the apps page search for Live Video

  3.  Select the Live Video app

Creating a Live Video Feed

  1. Click on the Add Live Video Feed button.

  2. Enter Live Video Name.

  3. Enter Feed Source.

  4. Check the Active box.

  5. Enter the Live Video Address.Select UDP, RTP, RTSP for Live Video or the specific input if you’re using Source Input (IE HDMI1)Note – For RTP and RTSP, you will need to supply the protocol’s prefix (e.g. rtp://; this is not needed for UDP feeds

  6. Click on the Save Live Video button.

Adding a Live Video Feed within a Template

  1. Click on TemplatesHD on the CCHD Dashboard.

  2. Click on the Add Template button.

  3. Enter Template Name.

  4. Select Template Format.Horizontal or Vertical

  5. Click on the Save and Edit Template button.

  6. Expand the Dynamic Content section.

  7. Check Active next to Live Video.

  8. Select a Live Video Feed from the dropdown menu.

  9. Select Aspect Ratio16:9 or 4:3

  10. Click the Save Template button.Once saved, you should notice a Live Video Feed Box within your template.Please Note:  You can adjust the size of the box to where you would like the feed to be placed on the template. If you double click on the Live Video Feed red box, there is an option to make the video full screen on the template. You can also adjust the size of the box by clicking on the bottom right corner and dragging to resize.

Live Video FAQ

Q: Can I assign a template with more than one Live Video feed?
A: No, you can only assign one LIve Video feed per template.

Q: Can I play a Live Video feed on the same slide as a regular video?
A: No, images, remote images, text, and RSS can be added to a slide with Live Video. Videos and are not supported with Live Feeds.

Q: Who can I contact if I experience any issues or have questions?
A: Email Industry Weapon Training at or
call us at 877-344-8450.

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