RemoteEditor Allows Administrators to assign specific image files, video files, and text boxes within your slides to be edited by other non-admin users.

Getting Started

  1. Select CampaignsHD from the dashboard

  2. Create a new campaign or edit an existing campaign

  3. Once in your campaign and you’ve added an element that you would like to permission for a user to edit, you will double-click on that image, video, or text box.Note: The only changes that a non-admin user can make within a text box is the actual text itself (not the font, color, positioning, etc.) and that images can only be swapped out for other images (they cannot be re-positioned or re-sized).

  4. A box will appear which will allow for you to check the box to assign the element to the RemoteEditor. You can then choose whether you are going to allow a specific content group or individual to make edits to the element selected. After making your selection, click Apply and be sure to save all changes in your Campaign!

Updating RemoteEditor content

Once you’ve assigned a user or a group to edit the content within your campaign(s) your users will now use the RemoteEditor app to make their updates.

  1. Select Apps on the top orange bar of CommandCenterHD.

  2. In the apps page search for RemoteHD

  3. Select the RemoteHD app

  4. Once in the app you’ll select the campaign you wish to edit.

  5. In the preview, you’ll click on the image, textbox, or video you wish to edit.

  6. Make your edits and select Apply and then Save


Reach out to our training team at 877-344-8450 EXT 5 or at

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