Our Safety App will allow you to create event types and calendars to count down or up from an incident. The app creates a remote image that can be then added to your Template or Campaign.

Accessing the Safety App

  • Select Apps on the top orange bar of CommandCenterHD.

  • In the apps page search for Safety

  • Select the Safety App iconNote: If you do not see the Safety App listed please reach out your Account Manager at 877-344-8450 or at for details on pricing and availability.  

Adding Event Types

  1. Make sure to add your event type first. These will be the events you will be reporting on.

  2. Select Manage Event Types

  3. Name your event

  4. Select Save

Adding Locations

  1. Select Manage Locations

  2. Click Add Location

  3. Name your Location

  4. Select Save

Create a Calendar

  1. Select Add Calendar

  2. Name your calendar. This will be the name of your remote image once created

  3. Select your event type

  4. Pick a color to represent the event

  5. Set the ranking

  6. Choose reset event if you would like the counter to reset. For example, if tracking days without injury you would want the counter to reset if and when an injury occurs.

  7. Select Null event color that will be used when there is no data for an event

  8. Choose your calendar format(s). Each option will create a remote image.WeekMonthYearCounterIf counter is selected you will choose either Count Up from an event or Count Down to an event

  9. Pick a color for the calendar font

  10. Select the location

  11. Select Save Calendar

Adding an event

  1. Select your location

  2. Event Type

  3. Choose your date

  4. Select Save EventWhen an event is added it will reflect in the remote image calendar

Adding your Calendar to your Signs

You can add your remote image calendar(s) to a template or a campaign of your choosing. For steps on adding media to a template or Campaign take a look at our TemplatesHD and CampaignsHD articles.


If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our training team at 877-344-8450 EXT 5 or at

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