UpContent App Overview

UpConent is a platform that brings relevant content to you based on the Topics that you create. Industry Weapon has created an App that allows you to display these topics on your digital signage.

Installing the UpContent App

1. On your CommandCenterHD Dashboard click on the Apps section on your navigation bar.

2. You can search for or scroll through the store to find UpContent App, click on the App.

3. On the next page click on the Activate button.

  • Note: if you are not the Administrator for CommandCenterHD, you will see a “Request Install” which will be sent to your company’s Administrator for installation.

4. Once the app is installed, it will display in the Apps section under My Apps in CommandCenterHD.

Creating an UpContent App Slide

1. Inside the UpContent App click on Create Slide.

2. Choose a template design.

Once in the UpContent slide editor, you’ll see the below options:

  1. Slide NameThis name is to help you find this slide when scheduling and is not displayed on the slide.

  2. UpContent TopicsSelect UpContent Topics to display on the slide. You can select all stories or favorites within each Topic. You are also able to display multiple Topics within the same slide.

  3. Theme OptionsSet up your desired colors and transparencies.

  4. LogoAdd a logo.

5. Once you have entered all of the required information click on the Create button.

Adding an UpContent Slide into a Campaign

  1. In the CampaignsHD section of CommandCenterHD, click on the edit button for the campaign that you would like to display your UpContent App content.

  2. Click the app button on the slide toolbar.

3. Choose the UpContent App content you would like to add, and then drag and drop your asset onto the slide. If no content appears in this list, please first follow the steps in the above section Creating an Events App Slide.

4. The UpContent content will appear on the slide. Drag the Event content to where you would like it on the slide. You can double-click on the Event content to make it fullscreen, by check marking the fullscreen box.

5. After making your adjustments to the App, click on Apply and then Save at the bottom right of the slide editor.


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